The Center


Our center is a safe space for all members of the university community to come in and explore aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression in an open and non-judgmental atmosphere. Our center houses an expanding collection of DVDs/videos (available to view in the center and/or check out), a comfy couch, a TV, DVD and VHS player, various magazines to browse through, information on local resources, a microwave, and a computer for students to utilize. So come on over and read a book from our library, watch a movie, warm up your lunch, or just hang out with friends! Who knows, you might just meet some great people and make a few new friends. Check out the homepage for directions and hours.

alt="ISU mascot sitting with students on the couch in the LGBTSS Center"

Center Guidelines

In order to ensure a safe, welcoming space for everyone, the LGBTSS staff, in collaboration with regular Center visitors, has drafted a set of Center Guidelines. Please review this information in order to help do your part to provide a positive Center experience for everyone.

Icebreaker Activities

The LGBTSS staff hosts icebreaker activities at the beginning of each semester to help welcome new visitors. Please check the LGBTSS Events Calendar for dates and times.

Center Feedback

Have you had an experience in the LGBTSS Center, either positive or not so positive, that you would like to share with us? Please use the Center Feedback form to let us know what's on your mind. We welcome your input!

Renting Process

To check out a film of your choice, please visit or email LGBTSS staff ( You will quickly be contacted by a LGBTSS Staff member to arrange a time for you to pick up the film requested. You are allowed a maximum of two dvds per request. Thank you!