Advisory Board

The LGBTSS Advisory Board provides guidance, advice, and support to the staff, programs, and all efforts of LGBTSS. Comprised primarily of Iowa State University students, staff, and faculty, the advisory board meets monthly to discuss both LGBT issues on campus and the efforts of LGBTSS to achieve its mission and goals. The board's meetings are convened and facilitated by a member of the board elected as facilitator in cooperation with the LGBTSS Coordinator and the Dean of Students (ex officio members), who provide an agenda and help to promote an atmosphere of collaboration, openness, and equity among the board members. The board reserves the right to revise the mission statement, goals, and agenda items on an as needed basis. In order for LGBTSS Advisory Board business to be conducted, a simple majority of the board must be present.

The board consists of 15 members, chosen by current members of the board, in an effort to reflect the diversity of the campus, alumni, and Ames communities, including gender, age, ability, gender identity & expression, sexual orientation, race, and religion. A balanced representation of undergraduate students, graduate students, merit staff, P & S staff, and faculty is also desired.

Ex-Officio Members

Brad Freihoefer - LGBTSS Coordinator -

Faculty Members

Joel Geske - Journalism & Communication -
Bill Graves - Horticulture -
Kathy Hickok - English -

Student Members

Mike Aguilar - Psychology -
Jacob Wilson - Political Science/Women's Studies -
Marisol Martinez - Graduate Student in Mechanical Engineering -

Staff Members

Erin Pederson - Student Counseling Service -

Ames Community Member

Open Position(s)

Advisory Board Committees

Awards & Recognition
Outreach & Current Issues
Safe Zone
Speaker's Bureau

Advisory Board members are required to serve on a minimum of one committee. Non-advisory board members can also join committees. To join a committee, contact LGBTSS Coordinator Brad Freihoefer at or at 515-294-5433.